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Saturday, July 24, 2010

One of the most frequent requests that I get at the GA is for a site that can produce simple outline maps of counties that you can then customise for your own use. That is now possible thanks to the appearance of Step Map.
Have spent part of today making a guide to using this website, and am discovering even more features as I work through it.
Has a whole host of weather symbols, so could make a weather map...

There are also options to choose a whole range of maps in different colours, with outlines, shading and backgrounds.
You can even choose to have an image as the background to the map: your face in the shape of a country of your choosing, or a map to show a person or item that is associated with a country.
Other symbols include sets of arrows in various directions and (like Google Earth) custom icons can also be used
Some example to follow perhaps...
Give it a go...



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