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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A new presentation from the creator of "Thirst"...
Via Simon Jones on Twitter...

After the success of the "Living Geography" events in London, York and Wrexham, a new set of dates have been released for next year.

Raising the Profile of Geography in your school offers a series of workshops for Secondary teachers.

This time, I will be joined by Ruth Totterdell and John Lyon as co-presenters.
Full details available on the GA website by following the link above.


Unpacking the first batch of Journey Journals....

“Anything that encourages us to ‘open our eyes’, appreciate distance, difference and diversity, and the possibility of a different viewpoint is good news. Like all the best ideas the Journey Journal is simple and straightforward. I am sure children of all ages will enjoy this and gain a lot from it”.

Professor David Lambert

Chief Executive

Geographical Association


"The ideal document for all aspiring geographers to keep alongside their passport."

Dr. Nick Middleton, Geographer, writer and TV Presenter

Available to order shortly from the GEOGRAPHY COLLECTIVE ONLINE SHOP.


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The Ordnance Survey Free Maps for 11 Year Olds are arriving in schools - you may already have had yours...
When you get the maps, you will also find a couple of (much sought after) hard copies of a publication called "The Language of Landscape"
The booklet is supported by a series of downloads from the NATURAL ENGLAND website.

I have created a SURVEY MONKEY SURVEY for those who have got their maps, and have also made use of the "Language of Landscape" to help students use the maps: whether inside or outside the classroom (or ideally both...)

Click Here to take survey

If you have used the maps and the book, please fill in the survey.

All completed questionnaires by 1st of December will be entered into a Prize Draw to win a copy of the KS3 Teachers Toolkit title: "Look at it this Way", a copy of the Geography Collective's "Journey Journal" and a few other geographical goodies....

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Spent some time yesterday with Dan Ellison pinging e-mails backwards and forwards with the rather wonderful designers at Can of Worms putting the final touches to the Journey Journal before it went off to the presses for the first print run of 3000 books.

Journey Journal is a rather wonderful book for upper secondary / lower secondary age pupils.
It is designed to be used when on a "journey" of some kind, perhaps as one of the millions of days which are taken as authorised absences every year, or maybe on a foreign exchange / activity / cultural trip.
It's a quirky and creative way of recording the visit, and encouraging young people to take notice of their surroundings.

Coming soon to an educational establishment near you.

Get in touch via the GEOGRAPHY COLLECTIVE website for more details of how to order....


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Many thanks to those who came along on Tuesday to the North Wales leg of the Living Geography events at the Ramada Plaza in Wrexham.
The resources are mostly available at my SLIDESHARE site. Will add some more over the weekend when I get a moment...

Many thanks for the contributions that were made on the day, and to Jeff Stanfield and Ruth Totterdell, my co-presenters, and Lucy Oxley for her organisation.

Also good to have some celebrity endorsement of the GA's manifesto from Dr. Kennedy from "Neighbours"...
Any delegates who would like further information or resources from the day, don't forget to get in touch...
Coming soon: new events for 2010.


Friday, October 09, 2009

If you haven't already picked up on this from previous blog posts, Rick Cope over at GeoPacks has been posting a monthly free resource to the website HERE.
These are all high quality resources, and well worth downloading. Registration with name and an e-mail is required.

The latest freebie is the FIERY FINGER OF FATE which helps you pick a particular student: an alternative to Russel Tarr's excellent Class Tools SLOT MACHINE perhaps ?

Thanks to Rick for his generosity...

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