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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Just been browsing an exercise book of mine from 1976 for a reason that will become apparent in a month or so's time...
Here's a nice image from the first page of the book.

Also interesting to read what I wrote when asked the question: "What is Geography ?"
(Don't quote me on this...)

"Geography is the study of the earth and what goes on underneath it. There are things that go on underneath the earth that affect the shape of the earth, such as volcanoes and earthquakes, there are also things that go off on the surface of the earth that affect the shape of the earth.

There are two main aspects of Geography, one is physical Geography and the other is Human Geography. Things on top of the earth affect the actual shape of the earth such as mountains, valleys, rivers, hills and plains and plateaus. The two main aspects are Physical and Human.

The Physical aspects of geography involves the study of such things as the sea or glaciers, the weather affects the shape of the earth. All these things are natural forces.
The other, Human Geography, involves the shape or relief of the earth by Man, such as war when bombs drop and make deep holes in the earth.

Building buildings and towns and cities also changes the shape of the earth. Open cast mining and blasting changes the shape of land.
Farming and transport also change the shape of the land, transport changes the land in the shape of canals and roads and bridges.
There are lots of things that change the shape of the earth." (all sic)

Pretty good eh ? Did you get the point about the shape of the earth ?

For that, I got 2 ticks, a 'Good' and an 'A3'....

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