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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

New videos have now been added to the QCA Secondary Curriculum website.
You will need to log in - then look for the VIDEO button from the RESOURCES section.
They were filmed as part of the CfBT funded KS3 Geography programme, and feature two excellent lessons.
Interesting label saying BEST PRACTICE: I thought we were 'supposed' to use the term 'good practice' ?

The videos feature clips and background from 2 lessons:

1. Nic Sheehan from Teignmouth College teaching about GIS and Learning outside the Classroom to explore pupils' journeys to school...

2. Paula Cooper from King Edward VI 5 Ways teaching about the impact of food price rises. When you're watching this one, can you guess which particular "multimedia presentation with images and music" is being referred to ?

Go and take a look !

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