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Monday, January 19, 2009

Teachmeet Review

By the time we got through the door, there was hardly a seat to be had: so I stole someone else's. Ollie Bray had been throwing something together at the last minute, and with a minute to go he started copying a 180 mb video file from a memory stick and kept his fingers crossed that his name wouldn't come out first (as it happens, he was the last person up!)

Check out my FLICKR images of TEACHMEET.

Grabbed some free beer tokens, and a seat with John Davitt, who had a stuffed camel with him, for reasons that would become clear later.Image of camel by Flickr user cloudberrynine - Humph is sat on a pile of GA Magazines, which is nice...

Around 250 people had signed up, and there were also others following on the flashmeeting, and a large MONITTER display showed the Twitter 'tweets' that had the relevant hashtags #tmbeet09 etc

John showed us the LEARNING SCORE resource.
This is a very powerful resource, which visualises the planning of a lesson sequence by dragging and dropping elements which can then be seen in different formats. I saw this demonstrated the day after on the Heppell stand.

Ian Usher introduced the evening, and talked through the the way that things would work for those who were unsure. There were a few comfort breaks during the evening, which featured presentations lasting either 2 or 7 minutes. John Davitt kept time on his countdown timer, and anyone who over-ran had the stuffed camel thrown at them.

Ian Stuart joined the Teachmeet from Islay: speaking about the 2020 Unconference on the Isle of Islay.
John Davitt demonstrated his Random Activities Generator (RAG)This is a downloadable APP, to be used on the iPhone. Soon to be available from the iTunes APP store: check out the demo. What I loved was that when you shook the phone, another idea was displayed...
GeographyPages hosts a Geography Learning Event Generator, created by John which has been downloaded around 3000 times, and was featured at Teachmeet at SLF.
There was a great moment when one of the random combinations came up with:
"How Hitler was defeated as a Blues Song..."

Tom Barrett talked about the idea of linking Twitter and Google Earth. Twitter network - challenging the students to find them on Google Earth. Also using it to map weather data and temperature data which would come in 'live': this needs a particularly large twitter network for it to work. I'm going to try a live request tomorrow all being well. He also talked about the multi-touch Smart Table, which was demonstrated downstairs at BETT.

Greg Hodgson of Chalfonts Community College showed some Art activities from his college's VLE, which looked at Images, Movement and Interactivity. The college appointed an
e-technician for supervising the VLE: increased traffic to the VLE - link to post recently on the use of VLEs. Demonstrated Photoshop Tennis...

Drew Buddie talked about Twitter and the Glogster site, which produces multimedia posters (I have shown this to teachers in Suffolk before)

Ian Usher showed the Microsoft ZoomIt application.

Ollie told me about an excellent simulation that had been undertaken at the University of Aberdeen. Had a chat with Steve Sidaway from txt tools who had set up the simulation text system. Also possible to have RSS feed turned into a text message apparently, and an update sent when a website or blog is updated.
Russel Tarr's CLASSTOOLS slot machine spun for the last time with the clock ticking up to
Ollie Bray, who was the last person up. By then he'd had a few lagers, but completed what a lot of people said was one of the highlights of the evening with a mention for Graphic Novels and Google Earth.

Ollie said the day after that someone had come up to him, and said that they had really enjoyed his presentation, then said that they had no idea what he'd been talking about as they couldn't remember...

Down to Pizza Express in the basement for a v.nice pizza (was pretty hungry by 9.30) and a chat to Eylan from Brainpop.
Check out the FREE content, and then request a free trial...

Met up with Doug Belshaw finally after some years of Twitter following and other virtual exchanges.

Thanks to all involved in organising and sponsoring Teachmeet.
Will be at Teachmeet Midlands later in the year...

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At 10:38 PM, Anonymous Doug Belshaw said...

It was great to finally meet up, Alan. Keep up the good work! :-)

At 10:43 PM, Blogger GeoBlogs said...

Thanks Doug - I shall try...

At 11:17 PM, Blogger olliebray said...

Great review Alan - Love your humor as always!

At 7:54 AM, Blogger GeoBlogs said...

Thanks Ollie - if you ever need to borrow my laptop - remember it doesn't work...


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