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Monday, January 05, 2009

OFSTED "cracking down on dull teaching..."
Extract from BBC NEWS article

Ofsted chief Christine Gilbert said her inspectors would give more advice on why pupils may not be paying attention. Ms Gilbert told the Guardian newspaper teaching was wrongly divorced from behaviour, and disruption emerged when pupils were "bored and not motivated".

Ofsted's most recent annual report, published in November, warned that secondary school pupils were too often set tasks that were not demanding enough and that teaching in primary schools could be "pedestrian".

Ms Gilbert said work that she had previously been involved in suggested there was a strong link between boredom and poor behaviour.

She added: "People divorce teaching from behaviour. I think they are really, really linked and I think students behave much better if the teaching is good, they are engaged in what they are doing and it's appropriate to them.

"Then they've not got lost five minutes into the lessons and therefore started mucking around."

She said behaviour in England's schools was generally very good, but that "low level disruption" occurred when children were not motivated, and that this could snowball.

Ms Gilbert said schools would be given more information on how to improve.

"We need to be much clearer in our recommendations of what to do in terms of their teaching and learning."

The GA can, of course, offer plenty of advice on exciting geography teaching.

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