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Monday, December 29, 2008

Bought my wife “Dear Blue Peter”, which has some great letters which were sent to Blue Peter over the years.

One letter, from Ellen aged 15 said

“I am absolutely disgusted with your show set in Morocco... You state that most people earn per day what we in Britain would pay for a cup of coffee, then go on to bargain with one of the shop owners, The shopkeeper would, quite rightly, like the full price for the goods, but instead Mark offers just over half the price... Matt gives the shopkeeper a choice: either except the lower price or he will spend nothing in the shop. Haven’t any of the producers ever studied geography GCSE ??? Poverty-stricken countries are being taken advantages of by tourists who barter for goods they can easily afford to pay the full price for and the locals lose out.”

Also thanks to the 466 visitors to GeographyPages on Christmas Day: I'm sure you had your reasons...



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