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Monday, September 22, 2008

Participatory Geography

One area that I have been getting involved with as part of my new role is the whole area of PARTICIPATORY GEOGRAPHY and LIVING GEOGRAPHY (of which much more to come in 2009)

David Rogers, fellow member of the SPC has produced a handy suggested "definition" on his blog. Here is his take on it from earlier this month.

a. Pupils involved in creating and evaluating the curriculum
Pupils making informed personal choices

c. Pupils informing and influencing their peers and family
Pupils contacting influential individuals and organisations

One person who takes this idea of participation to its extreme is a 'partner in Geography' of mine called Dan Raven Ellison. He has just completed a remarkable trio of adventures called URBAN EARTH. Read the description of his travels on the BLOG....
You can see Dan at the Scottish Association of Geography Teachers conference in OCTOBER (I'll be there too...)

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