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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Innovative Geography Teaching Grant (RGS-IBG)
You have until the 19th of October to put your entry in for one of these grants.
Competition has got a bit stronger than when I first entered.
The word INNOVATIVE puts a lot of people off, but we all have the potential to be innovative: all of us have a 'great' idea from time to time (I have them all the time of course...) Have some conviction that your idea could be developed with a bit of funding to support other geographers.
If you want inspiration, there is now a PDF FILE with details of previous recipients to download. There are some familiar names on there...

For example, look at this entry from 2003

Year: 2003
Project Leader: Alan Parkinson
Schools: King Edward VII School, Kings Lynn
Project Title: Geo Blogs
Abstract: ‘Geo Blogs’ created a web page aimed to encourage students to post their own Geographical ‘blogs’ on current and daily events, encouraging the students to investigate how everyday activities and observations are examples of Geography in action. The aim was to encourage students to see the geographical nature behind their lives and post these on the website. It was hoped that this would help the students appreciate the relevance of Geography.

It'll never catch on....

There's also a PDF with a map showing the location of schools that have received the award: so far I'm the only East Anglian representative.
Good luck with your entry !



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