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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Prepare for a biggie...
This is a catch up from a prolonged absence from the world of all things web based. Had a very nice week down in Devon dodging the showers. I am currently downloading over 300 high quality digital images, and my wife took another 400. Look on FLICKR tomorrow, and will also be Animoto-ing some of them. Also enjoying listening to the WALL-E soundtrack at the moment...

On my return spent the rest of the afternoon (and now started into the evening) catching up with a heaving inbox, and various programmes I needed to download on iPlayer (the TV in the holiday home only had 4 channels - can you imagine that ?)

There were lots of interesting news items that occured while I was away....

First of all, well done to all KES Geographers for their A2 results. 100% pass rate and some very pleasing individual performances. Particularly well done to Chris. Below is the front of the Lynn News, which has a very pleasing headline, which of course refers to KES...

  • Publication of a report called "Cities Unlimited", which looked at the issue of regeneration and in particular the relationship between the North and the South of the country. The basic message was that the North was not as good as the South. Stuart Maconie and others produced an interesting supplement in the Guardian.
  • Olympics - great story in Times comparing the boys of Eton with the developing world in terms of their Olympic success
Several new leads from SLN and blogs.

The first was BLOG ACTION DAY. Last years's was on the theme of the Environment, and this year's is on the theme of POVERTY. If you have a blog, sign up to get involved...

Then there are some METROPOLITAN POLICE CRIME MAPS that were posted about on SLN. Handy for those about to start teaching this topic in the Autumn Term.

Also lined up a BBC 7 programme on iPlayer on the TAKE AWAY, which looked at the nation's favourite: FISH and CHIPS. Planning a unit on Fish and Chips, and have some nice new images from Devon that are relevant. Also had some very nice fish and chips while there....

While watching that I read through some proofs for a forthcoming publication of note that is due to arrive in all secondary schools next term...

Also caught up with Kevin McCloud's new programme "THE BIG TOWN PLAN" redesigning Castleford. Anne Greaves reminded me of some excellent resources on the GA website which were put together by Wendy North and colleagues.

Noel Jenkins posted about a blog with the intriguing name of WHERES THE PATH. WHERES THE PATH has a beta for a service which shows OS maps side by side with aerial photography which pans: similar to the Memory Map interface. Also available is a FULL SCREEN OS MAPPING service, which has a limited bandwidth each day apparently. Interesting stuff here.Above is an example printout of image of Dartmouth, where I spent the last week, looking out across the harbour and letting the world pass me by. Images are of course copyright the Ordnance Survey and Google's imaging partners....

While in Dartmouth, the National Geographic Endeavour docked. Was unable to find out more while I was there, but it seems it's in the area for 2 expeditions of the British and Irish isles, and this includes a stopover in Dartmouth for its link with the Pilgrim Fathers. Prices go up to around £8000 per person for the cruise. A pity it was raining most of the time they were in port...

It was good to meet up with Dan Ellison in Thatcham for a pint of Otter and get a sneak preview of the movies of the first two of his Urban Earth adventures: Mexico City, an incredible adventure, and then London - great movies, and Mumbai to come in a week's time. Thanks for the MOO cards too.

The STANFORDS blog has now launched. This is something that I will be contributing to at a later date. It was supposed to be launched earlier in the year. Stanfords is one of my favourite places: the famous map and travel shop on the edge of Covent Garden. Go there now to see some articles by Dan, Kye and Duncan.

Also news relating to an event I am doing in September, which is a lecture for the GA Manchester branch

The lecture topics have been especially chosen with the new `A Level Specifications in mind

Wednesday 17th September 2008


Manchester University

High and Dry? Geographical Lessons from the Yorkshire Floods of June 2007

Alan Parkinson



Later in the season there are 2 far superior events taking place...

Wednesday 1st October 2008


Manchester University

Liverpool 2008, Capital of Culture Has the city benefited; has the cultural programme been a success; will there be a lasting legacy?

Miranda Sawyer


Wednesday 12th November 2008


Manchester University

Food Stories: Exploring recent changes in the British food industry

Peter Jackson


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