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Saturday, July 19, 2008

This has been a strange week. Had the final week in my old job, final lessons, final activities, and saying lots of goodbyes. Also been doing preparations for September.

Got a replacement sat nav: same Garmin model as before. When I turned it on for the first time, it had obviously not been turned on since it left the Taiwanese factory where it was manufactured, as you can see below. Seems to work fine so far...Also took delivery of my Vodafone mobile broadband USB stick, to keep me online when on the road. Works very nicely - in fact, a trial download had a faster speed than my home connection ! Also took delivery of quite a few books, including Barbara Ehrenreich's "Going to Extremes".

Today, it was the arrival of the MOO CARDS with the MISSION EXPLORE mission samples on them. Coming soon to an INSET event near you. Thanks to Dan RE.

So, now on holiday. Got some writing and other jobs to do before end of July.
Also worth going to the People's Trust for Endangered Species website to download some SURVEY forms if you're making a journey. They are asking people to keep an eye out for mammals and record them. One for the journey to holiday (assuming you're not flying off to the sun...)

Put a few of my blogs into hibernation: the TEST CARD went up on:
  • GeoBlogs Blog
  • Google Earth: a Users Guide Blog
  • Key Stage 3 Geography Blog
  • GCSE Pilot Geography Blog
From September, this blog will move to a new home. Will tell you all about it nearer the time, so that Janet in the office, and everyone else can follow the next step in my geographical journey.

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