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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Geography and 'Psychogeography'....

Thinking Allowed: Imagination and the City

In Association with the Open University

Hosted by Laurie Taylor with Will Self and Doreen Massey.

Thinking Allowed: Imagination and the City - a special edition in association with the Open University.

How does the way we imagine the city match up to the realities of urban life?

How is our experience of the city, affected by the ideas, fears and fantasies we have about it? When crime statistics say one thing and fear says another, what kind of social reality does the fantasy create?

Join the debate and have your say as social science meets art, and Will Self, novelist and ‘psychogeographer' faces urban sociologists and the geographer Doreen Massey to discuss the role of the imagination in the reality of city life.

This programme will be filmed for website use.
Tickets can be booked for this show.



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