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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Feeling hot...Hot weather in the high 20's has arrived. Time to retire to a shady corner and drink Becks... Also tried out my new barbeque today... It's an Anthony Worrall Thompson one you know...
Out to the coast to start a planned summer project: a photo transect around the coast to take in Rebranding and Crowded Coast concerns for the new 'A' level. Not going to be teaching it, but via the NING and this project I want to offer as much support as possible.

An image of mine has also been included in the new interactive ROCK CYCLE resource produced by the ROYAL GEOLOGICAL SOCIETYCheck it out... it rocks !

If you're reading this tonight, check out BBC4 for 2 programmes on Antarctica: Hurley and Worst Journey in the World...

Also spoke to someone who saw Sigur Ros at Latitude festival...
Here's the setlist. Going to see them later in the year...
svefn g englar
sé lest
við spilum endalaust
með blóðnasir
inní mér syngur vitleysingur

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