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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Working through a few projects today: feeling virtuous after a trip to the recycling centre with a car load of detritus from the loft.

A sample of what's occupying me today. They will be "coming soon" to the blog once completed...

1. Preparing some images for an ANIMOTO VIDEO for my planned contribution to TEACHMEET at the Scottish Learning Festival in September: Working Title is "Networks: does the net work ?"
2. Completing my final set of reports using the school's i2REPORT system.

3. Producing some tasks for a GIFTED AND TALENTED (controversial) day in July, which is being organised by my colleague Mr. Southgate. It is based on the theme of the ENIGMA machine: problem solving and code-breaking.
The Geography contribution will take place in one hour of the day:

Here's the context (with thanks to Noel Jenkins for his DUBAI movie which I shall be using as a starter...)

The activity will focus on designing a city which meets the concept of SUSTAINABILITY.

Starting with a look at the startling pace of change in Dubai, with developments such as the Burj-al-Arab, the Palm and the World islands, plus an indoor ski-resort in the desert, students will have to come up with a concept for their city, as well as outlining how they propose to deal with a series of challenges which their city will be faced with, in the style of the game: SIM CITY.

A briefing paper will be given to students in advance of the day, so that they can come prepared with some ideas having done some research.

4. Preparing some resources for a session on using ICT to support the FIELDWORK initiatives in the new 'A' level specifications.
Thanks to FLICKR User nugmeg66 for image under Creative Commons...

5. Started to work on a powerpoint for my contribution to the NORFOLK GEOGRAPHY CONFERENCE...

6. Collating departmental responses and adding to the portfolio of work towards our submission for the SECONDARY GEOGRAPHY QUALITY MARK

7. Sorting a few possible questions for a quiz I'm putting together for a local branch of the SOROPTIMISTS.

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