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Thursday, May 22, 2008


My copy of Joe Bennett's "Where Underpants Come From" arrived today. A nice opening chapter...

May's National Geographic Magazine was dedicated to CHINA too, and had some excellent articles.Go to the C section of the ARCHIVE to access the articles, and some of the images from the magazine.
Also a CONTENTS PAGE here...

CHINA BY NUMBERS article is useful too...

Also, while we're on books, can I recommend this one, which was recommended to me by a poet friend of mine (John Burnside is a poet and author...)
Lots of landscape-related imagery in this gripping book:

And the bowls season started for me yesterday with a victory in the cup. My 'block' won 28-14 thanks to some inspirational captaincy... ;)

Wonderful Photoshop trickeried image by Flickr user VROG in Bristol

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