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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A few stories related to food in the news today.
First was the announcement of Tesco's huge profits of £2.8 billion....
This article in the BBC NEWS reports further.

Just been reading in "Real England" (which I've mentioned before) about the planning battle in Sheringham that I have also reported elsewhere before... The Real England blog is worth reading as it is updated regularly with interesting stories and links, such as THIS ONE to the Daily Telegraph's lead article on the continued decline of RURAL ENGLAND, particularly useful for AS / A2...

The second story relates to an item to be on tonight's NEWSNIGHT about the shameful amount of food that we waste in the UK, despite all the issues related to food security and food costs...
This BBC ARTICLE has more details, and would be a good basis for debate.
"Is it wrong to leave your crusts ?"

Householders chuck out 6.7m tonnes of unwanted food every year at a cost to us of £8bn. That's the equivalent of chucking out one bag of food for every three that we buy.

Around 40% of that is fresh fruit and veg - nearly 4.5m apples, and more than 5m potatoes and 1.5m bananas.

Oh, and a final new BBC NEWS article is saying that SEA LEVEL will rise much faster than previously forecast... Anyone want to buy a house near the Norfolk coast ?

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