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Thursday, April 10, 2008

After a day of 'stuff', needed a bit of a tangent...
Some interesting e-mails with some projects I'm involved in taking shape (more later in the year)

Was following a few links from the website of Paul Kingsnorth, who wrote "Real England" (a book I mentioned a few posts ago)
This led me to the site of COMMON GROUND, who produced the wonderful ENGLAND IN PARTICULAR.
Read the PRODUCING THE GOODS section, and was interested in the idea (which relates a little to my LANDSCAPES work) on LOCALLY DISTINCTIVE SOUVENIRS.
One of them was related to a local artist called Fran Crowe. She has packaged up detritus found on the beaches of East Anglia which is then sold in local galleries or online. Lots of interesting ideas for making a point about our impact on the marine environment and wider environment...

Images from FLY IN THE FACE.

Also saw this clever 'pointful' banner at the London Torch Relay at the weekend.
Picture by Flickr user acb under Creative Commons License

Finally, went over to Hunstanton tonight for the usual Thursday swim, and the light across the Wash was crystal clear. Could see the wind farm in Lincolnshire, and wondered how far away that was... On Google Earth discovered that the turbines were about 17 miles away...

Also thanks to Kenny O Donnell for the head's up on THE WORLD IS WITNESS, which has stories of migrants complete with the routes that they took during their migration in Google Earth.

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