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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Fred Pearce: Confessions of an Eco-SinnerRead this article in the Telegraph last week the night before the CfBT conference, and instantly ordered the book it came from: which arrived this morning.
The article tells how Fred traced his son's mobile phone's component parts back to source, and in doing so, explored the world of consumption and the damage that our desires creates.
His son Joe, who he describes as a "lanky geography student" died suddenly in 2005, and the book traces some of Joe's possessions.

The chapter on China features some incredible descriptions of the growth of factories to satisfy the western (and growing eastern) demand for consumer products. This would be very useful for lower school as well as new AS / A2 spec planning.
Also a super chapter on Kenyan beans, and why you might want to carry on buying them.
Read the article, and then you'll probably want to order the book. Amazon have it at £7.79 instead of £12.99 (please click through from GeographyPages home page)

Fred is also a Geographer of course, and those doing new Edexcel on the issue of water may be interested in another of Fred's books: When the rivers run dry. He has also written many articles which can be sourced online. The NEW SCIENTIST blog post also has links to other stories which are further developed in the book.

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