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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

FOOD MILES ASSESSMENT (can be adapted to other topics)

Instructions for task. Click to enlarge, or download and paste into a document...

Just coming to the end of a unit with Year 8 on Food Miles, and we have an assessed task. This comes from the work of my Buckinghamshire colleague Christine Lloyd-Staples.
She has produced the original levelled description for this task which we use, which offers a range of formats for a display piece on the issue of FOOD MILES. The students have previously prepared and delivered a 3 minute news bulletin on the issue, considering the various economic, social and environmental aspects (which together form the 3 legs of the sustainability stool).

Thanks also to JD's FLICKR TOYS, which as I have mentioned in other blogs is one of my favourite sites for a spot of 'creative subversion', or as David Lambert has termed it, the teachers who are 'pedagogically adventurous'.

The task is to create one of two ICT related ideas:

a) a Movie poster for a film related to food miles
b) a cover for a Magazine on the issue.

The second option gives more scope, and this is the recommended one.

For some ideas of similar movies on related themes, check out some of the posters below:

Coffee ? (Black Gold)

McDonalds ? (Supersize Me)

Fast Food (FastFoodNation)
Here's another good image that I thought would work well.

Flickr User: A.J.French

Here is my first draft of the magazine cover:
Original image by Flickr user Mr Jaded

Decided to change the colour and placement of some of the labels.
A gallery of the finished articles will appear on this blog for peer assessment by students in another school.

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