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Monday, January 07, 2008


This year, we have an extra day in the year...
It's the
29th of February and it's a Friday...
I plan to make it
G-Day in the school, and have a series of events in the school to publicise Geography.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how we can make this extra day extra geographical !

Also next year will come MAKE A DIFFERENCE MONDAY... for our KS3 pupils, to get them involved in informed action and citizenship links.

Each Monday we will showcase one way that the pupils can make a difference in an easy way, and introduce a sort of loyalty card which they can get stamped if they participate, and get prizes for the ones they take part in.

I have various books with lots of guidance on changing the world 9 to 5 etc., but if anyone knows of any particular projects or websites which the students can be guided towards to flesh out the timetable that would be good...



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