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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Welcome to the Real World

Real World is a record label founded by Peter Gabriel and responsible for some of the most exciting and innovative music over the last 20 years or so...
Some of my favourite music has been released on Real World records.
There are 2 new releases which are very much GEOGRAPHICAL in nature.
Here is the new version of the 'willow pattern' cover image for the first release...The first is the IMAGINED VILLAGE, which I have posted about before...
This is a project to re-imagine English 'folk music' for the new century. Some superb new interpretations of traditional tunes.

The second is the soundtrack for the LONG WAY DOWN TV programme, which did get a bit samey with the endless "oh look, we've fallen off our bikes again" and could have been edited down to 4 programmes sensibly... Some impressive landscapes, and a great adventure for the people involved...The sountrack is brilliant though and includes the magic of Martyn Bennett, Joseph Arthur, Afro Celts and others...

The exciting thing is that it features a track from Gabriel's BIG BLUE BALL album, a true "WORLD" music album, which has taken over 15 years to complete (almost as long as Eddie Jobson's apocryphal "Legacy"...)

Both are winging their way to me via the magic Amazon fairies...

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At 9:21 AM, Blogger Mr Rogers said...

I share your feelings about the Long Way Down although I did enjoy the series very much! There wasn't enough 'getting-stuck-in-the-mud' for my liking!

I downloaded the Long Way Round for my iPod when travelling and I'd imagine that there will be a similar resource for this series. Very useful in the classroom.



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