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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Blogging for Christmas....
I've been asked by Val Vannet to take over the reins of GEOBLOGGING WITH MARK
This follows the solo-cycling journey that Mark Beaumont is making around the world. He is currently in New Zealand and my job is to record the trip from the South Island up to Auckland and then across to San Francisco to start the penultimate leg of the trip across America.
A new AUDIO FILE is also available with Mark being interviewed just before taking the ferry to Wellington. Have downloaded this...

A find via BLDGBLOG is the exhibition: 1973: Sorry out of Gas.
It is an exhibition looking at the response of architects to climate change. Part of the exhibit is a children's book-style set of graphics looking at the decline of oil by Harriet Russell.
Also thanks to Val for this SNOWFLAKE GENERATOR...

And a final pre-Christmas present comes via a tip off on ODBLOG.
This is a set of resources relating to Glaciers. The University of Glasgow have posted a series of resources related to GLACIAL LANDSCAPES and Climate Change.

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