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Saturday, November 03, 2007

"This is not America" was the title of a single released by Pat Metheny, famous American jazzer I have mentioned before (recently treated myself to remastered Special Collectors Edition of "Secret Story") and David Bowie. It was part of the soundtrack to a film called "The Falcon and the Snowman" which featured Sean Penn.

A new video has been made in association with Disney called "Portraits of America". It is apparently used at places where people arrive in America, such as airports.

There is one problem with it though. The clip which shows the Niagara Falls at one point is actually showing the part of the falls which is classed as being in Canada.

Sean Penn's latest film is called "Into the Wild" and is based on a book I read years ago by Jon Krakauer. It is about a young man called Chris McCandless who walked into the wild in Alaska and was found dead. Did he mean to stay ? Was he unlucky ? Why did he go to this remote part of the world ? What made him wander the world ?
Check the link for a good FLASH intro to the movie, and a trailer. Tasty...

And back in the UK...

Should Green Belt land be protected from development ?

What do you think ?

Off to a fireworks party and bonfire in a moment.
Worth considering this though...
A press release from DEFRA for today:


The combined effects of light winds and bonfire night celebrations may result in high levels of air pollution during the evenings this weekend in central and southern England, and elevated levels in South Wales.

For most people this is unlikely to have any short-term health effects, but some people, particularly those with asthma or other respiratory diseases, may find their symptoms worsen. Whilst levels of air pollution have fallen significantly in recent years there will always be occasions, such as bonfire night, when levels are higher than average. By taking sensible precautions, such as asthmatics remembering to carry their relief inhaler, everyone can still enjoy their evening.

High pressure centred over Central and Southern England, and much of Wales is expected to lead to light winds in England and Wales over the next few days. Combined with smoke from bonfires, which contain large amounts of fine particles (PM10), this may cause High (7-9) or Very High Pollution (10) in some locations, particularly close to bonfires. Hourly updates on levels of pollution are available on TELETEXT (page 156), the Internet www.airquality.co.uk or www.defra.gov.uk/environment/airquality/index.htm, and via Defra’s freephone helpline (0800 556677) which also offers health advice to those who may be particularly sensitive to air pollution.

When pollution levels are High sensitive people, who suffer from heart and lung diseases, especially the elderly, may notice significant effects. People noticing effects may have to take action to reduce or avoid them (for example by reducing time spent outdoors). Asthmatics will find that their relief inhaler is likely to reduce the effect of pollution on their lungs. Individuals suffering from asthma should, where possible, avoid exposure to smoke from bonfires. Healthy people should not be affected by the High pollution.

In northern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland where stronger winds and showers are forecast, air pollution is expected to remain low.

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At 7:37 PM, Blogger GeoBlogs said...

Great firework display and a rather large fire... excellent fire-building by Chris.
Thanks to Joy for the food !

At 12:45 PM, Blogger BHUVAN CHAND JUYAL said...

Today global warming news is very danger news for earth life. Now this global warming issues takes big picture for this world. Now we are aware about this issue.


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