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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Coastal Fieldwork Day

Well, what a busy day followed by an even busier evening of CD burning, photo uploading, website updating, NING additions, Animoto movies, batch resizing, FLICKR uploading etc. all so that the images and data can be available tomorrow and for half term when students will be working on their write ups for their exams...

Below are a few sample images of the day.

For more, check out the full glory of the 100+ images on the new FLICKR SET...

Also below are some images sent to me by Jon Wolton of my recent RGS-IBG day.
The presentations from the day, including a cut down version of mine are now available on the RGS website ON THIS PAGE.The stage ready for the second half - I'm sat at the end of the second row of seats, behind the bloke standing next to the lectern, who was the Chair for the day. The mighty Simon Oakes is stood in the doorway !Stuart Downward in action... Me and Simon O watching carefully in the background... Imagine my slides in full glory on that screen - unfortunately, no image of me in action exist... Unless of course some students took them on their cameraphones...

Also check the WEBSITE for the details on the coastal fieldwork (this page will be changed tomorrow to represent the latest trip...)

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