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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Time Lapse Geography Project

Who's this cute little fella ?
It's me !
I was aged 4, and was on holiday, as was our custom in the 1960s, on the East coast. The steelworks where my dad worked had their 'stop weeks' and we were at Flamborough Head: North Landing.
There's an arch behind me, and you can see the jointing in the chalk. You can see the rock fall which has left rock debris at the base of the arch - judging by the height of me and the height of the arch, it's probably no more than 3 or 4 metres high.
Now look at the image below by Flickr user James !

See how developed the arch is now, around 40 years later !
Shows that change happens quite slowly perhaps, but change still happens....

Anyone else got similar time-lapse geography photos from their family albums ?
Could make a good series if all the geographers out there dug out the old black and white snaps and then compared them with today !
This is an exciting little possible project....

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