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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Summer Holidays
I was born in the early 60's, so the school holidays that I remember most fondly were in the mid 1970's...
Of course the sun was hotter then - never mind Global Warming... We had 1976, which was the drought year...
Also had summer play schemes where we could go and be entertained. We used to play down the woods for hours without our parents being too concerned - although they still worried of course...

Did a quick search on my favourite cultural archive: You Tube.

'Robinson Crusoe' is first up: black and white (as most TV was)

Come 'White Horses' was next....

Also in black and white and German (unfortunately, embedding is disabled...)

And 'Flashing Blade': "You've got to fight for what you want..."

And don't forget 'The Double Deckers': a group of kids who hung around on a bus...

Anyone remember any others ?

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