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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Staying out of the heat: it's 30 degrees out there...
Sitting under a tree with a cold beer is nicer, and getting on with my major writing project for the summer.

Just discovered the new British Geological Survey site which allows you to explore the BLAKENEY ESKER.
This is a case study that we have used in the past as it is local to us.
May even introduce this as an extension of our fieldwork visit... just thinking out loud.

Well done to those who were involved in the production of this resource.

Also check out the MAKE A MAP interactive Geology map, which is available to download.

And finally for this update on the last 15 minutes of good discoveries, here's a new game which was highlighted by GeoDave on SLN Forum. I discovered a version of TETRIS last week which used American states rather than geometric shapes, and you had to put them in the right place.
There's now a version where you have to put in the countries and islands that make up EUROPE. Could be a good one for testing EU knowledge.

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