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Thursday, August 09, 2007

A pottering day, but Geography came in as always...
Out to the opticians as needed an eye check: fortunately my IWB projector doesn't seem to have made a difference to my eyesite but apparently my ability to focus is on the way out, just part of getting old... Ordered new glasses as my existing ones snapped a few days ago (hence the Jack Duckworth reference in an earlier post)

Weather was very changeable today. Free Horrid Henry for my daughter with the Times.

A few books catching my eye in book shop: interested in Richard Girling's 'Sea Change': a useful resource to download as well with an extract HERE. (PDF download)

Richard Girling article in THE TIMES on flooding in the UK.
Also bought a copy of Sarah Murray's "Moveable Feasts" which looks at the journeys that our food makes: useful for some resources I'm developing - also the key role of the shipping container, which I've long mentioned as being a key part of globalisation in terms of reducing costs of moving goods long distances.

Also enjoying 'Austerity Britain' which, although a history book, has a great deal of geography in there in terms of house building and immigration.
A great description on p.19 of the book.
"Britain in 1945. No supermarkets, no motorways, no teabags, no sliced bread, no frozen food, no flavoured crisps, no lager, no microwaves....no CDs, no computers, no mobiles, no duvets, no Pill, no trainers, no hoodies, no Starbucks. Four Indian restaurants. Shops on every corner, pubs on every corner.... No launderettes, no automatic washing machines..... Back to backs, narrow cobbled streets, Victorian terraces, no high rises. Arterial roads, suburban semis, the march of the pylon....no seat belts. Heavy coins, heavy shoes.... Meat rationed, butter rationed, lard rationed, margarine rationed, sugar rationed, tea rationed, cheese rationed..."

Doing a few bits for the RGS-IBG Study Day for which I'm doing a half hour session on "Blogs, Casting and Nings - the new Geography study skills" along with some other interesting folk. Come along (but don't heckle...)

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