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Monday, July 09, 2007

A very busy weekend.
Seems like a long time since Friday morning...
Since then :
  • Been to Leicester for final Young People's Geographies meeting - some great outcomes from the project, which will hopefully be continuing - good wrapping up by David Lambert of the work done by the 7 schools
  • Out to Norfolk for a great weekend of Geography networking - see the image above as a taster (taken by my wife in Burnham Market) and the ones below taken by me...

Also other busy things:
  • Start of Tour de France - I hope Mr. Douglass got me some good pictures !
  • Wimbledon Finals / British Grand Prix
Also today it was down to London for a GA meeting and some writing on the way back on the train until my laptop battery died...

Thank goodness there's only 8 days of school remaining...



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