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Thursday, July 19, 2007

School's Out !
Just back from final activities trip, and now have a few days of writing to look forward to !

BBC Radio 4 has a few interesting programmes worth checking out.
First of all there is the TRAVELLERS TREE programme: an interactive program about travel. Just listening to programme about New York.

The other one is LETTERS HOME (which should be available on Listen Again soon), which features letters home from a Zimbabwean student who became an asylum seeker. Useful for migration.

Also been exploring an old find which I hadn't visited before: the STRANGE MAPS blog. This has links to some great maps and images.
Particularly like the idea of Vlad Gerasimov's INVERTED WORLD at his blog.
Latest wallpaper should appear below:

Vladstudio Wallpapers

Also some great images.

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