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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Live Earth, Live Geography

It was a busy wekend of music in London (and also Sport of course...)

At Wembley Stadium one of Al Gore's LIVE EARTH concerts took place. There were also concerts in lots of other venues around the world.

Image by Danny O' Callaghan

Venues were:


New York



Rio de Janeiro

There was also a special broadcast from the Rothera scientific base on Antarctica.
The band was called Nunatak (a very geographical name... look up what the word means...)

Keeping the GGiP campaign going was Danny O Callaghan. He had hundreds of Live Earth, Live Geography badges to hand out, and also some publicity hands...
Below are some of the images that Danny took on the day... Share the Geo-love !

The long hand of the law...

Morning ladies... Fancy a badge ?

Setting up camp near the front of the crowd...

Outside the new Wembley

The hand was visible at the start of the concert, during the set by Genesis.
Genesis were playing later that same day in Manchester at Old Trafford, because my sister had tickets to see them there... Wonder how they got from London to Manchester ?

You can also see the hand at the midway point of the Madonna performance of 'Ray of Light'....

Coming soon - some embedded YouTube links

And if you find a wallet it could be Noel's...

Also check out the forthcoming film: The 11th Hour.

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