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Friday, June 29, 2007

How to embed mp3 files in a blog.
This is a response to a recent posting on the SLN Forum, which made me wonder how it could be done. A quick Google search led me to the Google Operating System weblog, which provided a solution.
I had a quick look at a few places for mp3 files relevant to Geography, and my first thought was to use one off Rob Chambers GeoBytes site.
So for a few days only, or until Rob tells me to get rid of the link ! This will connect through to the first one of Rob's Coastal podcasts: Energy at the Coast.
Your mp3 file could also be saved on a website, or a VLE or a Ning.

The code from the site was then added below to create (fingers crossed) a media player...

and, well flip me, it worked !

Change the external URL to the address of the particular file you want to play and that seems to work fine !
Another step forward !

Keep an eye out for the new podcasts shortly to appear on GeographyPages.

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