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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Will Self is one of my favourite journalists and commentators. He often appears as a 'talking head' on Grumpy Old style programmes, and is also responsible for the PSYCHO GEOGRAPHY column in the Independent on Saturday, which always has something of interest. He wrote a great piece on Google Earth a good while back, and the column has spiky illustrations by the great Ralph Steadman.
You can read past issues of the column by visiting THIS PAGE.
I was struck when visiting Will's blog that his writing room also has a geographical air to it. There is a 360 degree view of his writing room and maps (and post it notes ) play a prominent part.This image taken from Will's blog of his writing room.
( If there is a problem with me reproducing this please get in touch, although the unrelenting sycophancy of the post would hopefully put you on my side ;) )
However, there is a dark side to all this geographical content: Will doesn't seem to have been too taken by his experience of school geography...
I like his reference to the “windscreen-based virtuality” of car travel, rather than actually walking - something he shares with Iain Sinclair, another pyscho-geographer.
There's quite a lot of PsychoGeography in the ideas of MY PLACE and the YOUNG PEOPLE'S GEOGRAPHIES project as well. Would be interesting to get a bit of PsychoGeography into the new KS3 or GCSE specifications perhaps ? I'll get onto it...

Read THIS ARTICLE to see why Will didn't like his school geography that much
Of course it's all different now !

Anyone else have lots of maps in their working area at home ? Which maps ?

Enjoying this album at the moment - lots of BLOGGERS have this in their favourites list. Title track is a fine piece of work.

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