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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Go take a walk...

Contacted by Kye Askins of Northumbria University to mention a project with which I was familiar from the Geography based Tody Programme on New Years Day (see earlier posting)
It's a project called MY WALKS.

A team of academics from Northumbria University’s Divisions of Geography and Environmental Management have recently launched a new website, entitled ‘mywalks’. Mywalks is a project designed to encourage people to open their eyes to the ‘hidden’, perhaps less glamorous corners of their towns and cities - basically the things around you: the man-hole cover, the tower block, the back lane.... ‘Switch off your mp3 players and look around’ is the message. Don’t rely on ‘experts’ to tell you what is worth looking at or appreciating; break away from the tourist trail, which directs us to admire a parade of ‘landmarks’ in any city or town, and engage with the less obviously picturesque sights (or in some cases, the downright ugly…). The aim is to get people thinking about their immediate environments from a different perspective, and to appreciate that geography is everywhere around them, it’s about re-engaging with our immediate urban, day-to-day, city, country, local, taken-for-granted environments and geographies. Through the ‘mywalks’ website, http://nuweb.northumbria.ac.uk/mywalks/intro.php, everyone can share ‘their walk’ and the experiences they encounter, with others.

Check it out !


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