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Saturday, November 04, 2006

While in Scotland recently, I bought this book (as well as the Islay book mentioned below). I particularly like it because it has the good taste to have a go at Chris Martin of Coldplay.
Also last night on BBC Scotland, 2 river programmes were broadcast which were produced in consultation with Val Vannet and David Rayner. The programmes featured 2 contrasting rivers: the River Devon in Scotland and the River Cuckmere in the South East of England - they are shown below: Devon at the top and Cuckmere at the bottom...
Teachers notes can be downloaded from the BBC Scotland site. Check them out if you're a teacher - they are fab programmes.

Went out to a very good fireworks do last night: thanks to Gen and James. Got through several hundred pounds worth of fireworks, had a good bonfire which didn't burn down the fence as some people thought, and excellent food and gluhwein. The only downside was the horror that is Inspector Gadget's Field Trip....

Over the next few days, bonfire parties will be held in thousands of gardens around the country. What effect do these have on the air quality of the UK ? Do they make a significant contribution to Global Warming ?
It's a question I've posed for some years now on the website.The National Society for Clean Air (not surprisingly) has something to say on the matter at their website.
They have several advice leaflets, which relate to the prevailing conditions. High pressure and still air would obviously encourage smoke and pollutants to increase.
http://environment.guardian.co.uk/waste/story/0,,1938969,00.html - give up fireworks and save the planet! - features a rugby club who had a VIRTUAL bonfire! - whatever next ?
An interesting story below relating to Dioxins: a particular pollutant which is apparently produced mostly over the next few weeks...

Pollution rockets on Bonfire Night
Source: www.edie.net

This site allows you to click on a map of the UK and see what the pollution levels are like in a particular region...
Stay safe!

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