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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Images are essential in Geography: to provide a window on the world, a starter, an emotional trigger, a model, an example, an example of awe and wonder, a joke, a stimulus.
In addition to taking my own images, it's important to have other sources of images. There are numerous places to source images, but there are copyright issues.
GeographyPhotos, a website created by Ian Murray, has a huge collection of categorised and captioned images which can be accessed by subscription. There is currently a deal going in association with the Geographical Association to offer reduced rates for GA Members.
Check out the site at GEOGRAPHY PHOTOS or click the banner at the top of this post.

Special Christmas and New Year offer - all subscriptions
received from now on (until further notice) will be set to run
until the end of January 2009 ( yes, 2000 and NINE). This
offer will be automatically backdated to all subscriptions and
renewals since August 30th 2006. The sooner you join the
more time you’ll have to use the site…..until 31st January
2009. Sign up now by email or post in the subscription form.



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