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Monday, November 06, 2006

Another Geo Conundrum

When Michael Schumacher retired as a F1 motor racing driver in October 2006, he was presented with a piece of the World, which was worth a great deal of money.
What did he get ? Where is it ? Why is it Geographical ?
Answers in a few days...

Also decided to award myself one of Peter Ford's Blogging Awards...Why not start a Geographical blog and give yourself an award !
An Inconvenient Truth is finally coming to a cinema near me (just 2 weeks before it comes out on DVD - hmmm...)
Also vote for the best caption for the image below, taken at the Scottish Association of Geography Teachers' annual conference over at the Passion4Geography site.
That's me on the left...
And some music news. Not Jazz, although Phil Collins did play with Brand X and Bill Bruford made a few live appearances for them, but a band I first saw live over 25 years ago: Genesis have announced a reunion tour in 2007, except Peter Gabriel won't be joining them, or Steve Hackett. Have to admit I'm tempted to go and listen to Banks' keyboards on 'Afterglow' one more time, but they're big outdoor enormo-gigs and will probably cost loads of cash. Oh well, I'll get the vinyl out of the loft instead...

Sunday at six when they close both the gates
a windowed pair,
still sitting there,
Wonder if they're late for church
and its cold so they fasten their coats
and cross the grass, they're always last.

Passing by the padlocked swings,
the roundabout still turning,
ahead they see a small girl
on her way home with a pram.

Inside the archway
the priest greets them with a courteous nod.
He's close to god.
Looking back at days of four instead of two.
Years seem so few.
Heads bent in prayer
for friends not there.

Leaving twopence on the plate,
they hurry down the path and out the gate
and wait to board the bus
that ambles down the street.

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