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Friday, October 13, 2006

Geography and Google Earth (Cont.)
Sniffing and sneezing away as I write this. It's a good job you can't get a virus from your computer - well not that kind anyway.
Anyway, this post contains a few things which I need to host on BLOGGER and FLICKR so that I can link to them from elsewhere (though you might find them useful anyway...)
Also, here is an image which I need to host here as an example of how to add images to Google Earth placemarks.
The image is of the favela of Rocinha in Rio de Janeiro and is one of hundreds of similar accumulations of housing and basic services. Marie Hart from Barnwell School in Stevenage sent me the image, and it is one of many which I shall shortly host on GeographyPages. Many thanks to Marie for sharing the images...
The poster at the top was made at FLAGRANT DISREGARD's Flickr Tools site, which I've mentioned before.

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