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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Geography and Campaigning

One of the key issues of Geography is its focus on inequality and global issues, which means that Geography teachers have a certain responsibility to put across what might be slightly contentious views. One organisation which I have 'supported' in various ways over the years is Greenpeace, another is Amnesty International. Greenpeace have a new campaign which I shall mention later in this post.

One of my regular stop offs is HOUTLUST. This is a
n excellent weblog which contains the latest details on non-profit advertising and campaigning. A recent discovery was the new Greenpeace campaign targeting electronic waste, and Apple in particular. The site copies Apple's iTunes distinctive design with tabs to promote a campaign to reduce electronic waste.

I’d also like to flag up Tony Cassidy’s weblog which is currently hosting a powerpoint which Tony used in staff INSET last week to explore the idea of the 21st Century learner. There are lots of great ideas here for any Geographer, and Tony is one of a small band who are willing to share their resources freely.

Check out http://pilotgcseradicalgeography.blogspot.com

I used this in a lesson this week: the MINIATURE EARTH.

It is based on the idea that we reduce the earth to a community of just 100 people, and allows the exploration of themes such as inequality, distribution of population and religion.

And the answer to the Geographical poser is that the pictures were taken in the town around the abandoned shell of the nuclear reactor at Chernobyl in the Ukraine.

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