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Friday, September 01, 2006

Geography and Photos
Flickr is one of my crucial sites.
It is a fantastic source of images for use in the classroom, although you may find that you need to source them at home as many schools filter out Flickr because not all of the images are SFW as they say (suitable for work)
Try a search on TAGS which are relevant to your topic and you'll find lots of fodder for desktops, Powerpoints and PhotoJams.
You can also bookmark your favourite FLICKR photographers.
In the last few days I've searched for Svalbard, Beijing, Food, Lahars and Population.
Lots of tools for altering the images too.
Check out one of my top five sites: the wonderfully named Flagrant Disregard's FlickrToys

Geography and Japan

Just watching fantastic "Journeys into the Ring of Fire" with Iain Stewart visiting Japan. It shows in a clear and well illustrated fashion how the Japanese have had to cope with extremes of climate and a lack of space, as well as the tectonic issues. There are great scenes of the expense of living in Tokyo (33 000 people per square mile, living on the Kanto plain - one of the few flat areas in Japan) , why they don't live in the mountains, settlement patterns, a go in an earthquake simulator, development of industry, the amazing Mag-Lev train, and the 'shovers' on the Metro, earthquake drills in schools, Pachinko and lahar defence canals on Mount Sakurajima and the effect on Japanese culture.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcfour/documentaries/features/journeys-centre-earth.shtml is the website which links to programme details
Oh, and the sun has just come out, so I can finally hoover the car (don't ask....)

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