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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Geography and Football
Just before the start of the England Vs Andorra match, John Motson said that Andorra was the country with the longest life expectancy in the world...
Of course, I had to check, and NationMaster confirms that Motty is right.
Andorrans live to an average of 83.49 years, compared with 78.16 in the UK, which ranks at 36th

Geography and Beer
Just finished 2 bottles of fine ale.
They were from 2 contrasting breweries and got me thinking of perhaps keeping a track of the breweries I sample the wares of this year - not that I drink a lot you understand.... purely medicinal.
The first was a rather nice Jolly Ploughman's from Tom Wood's Highwood Brewery in the Lincolnshire Wolds
Second one was from the Darwin Brewery in Sunderland, and was called Rolling Hitch
Can anyone tell me the connection between this beer and Peter Kay the comedian ?
Watch this space !

Geography and Music
Just testing my new Sony Wireless Headphones - very comfortable and performing well so far.
Listening to Genesis track from 1968, and a few geographical references:

Genesis - In The Wilderness


Leaving all the world to play they disappear

And the leaves have gathered dust to run like deer

Tearing pieces from our lives to feed the dawn

Mist surrounds the seagulls christened by the storm

Music, all I hear is music - guaranteed to please

And I look for something else

Rain drops pouring down the rooftops

Flowing in the drains

As the people run their lives

As their lives are run by time

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