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Friday, September 29, 2006

Geography and Climate Change
Here is the answer to the poser question.
Read this BBC News article.
Richard Branson is apparently giving away the profits from his transport businesses to tackle climate change. But what impact do cheap flights have on the atmosphere ?
Richard Branson is a very rich man, but he perhaps owes a lot of that to Mike Oldfield and his 'Tubular Bells' album which was the first Virgin release with catalogue number V2001, and went on to sell millions of copies. I saw Richard Branson in the rain at the World Premiere for Tubular Bells II at Horseguards Parade on 4th September 1998 - he was very wet, but then so was everybody (although Gore Tex trousers and jacket kept me dry... I'd checked the weather forecast...)
Just been watching regional news programme, and September is looking to be the hottest on record by some distance...

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